What is HOH all about?

Humans of HVAC portrays genuine stories told by real people in the HVAC industry.

Humans of HVAC portrays the most genuine stories of global HVAC workers. These stories help create a communal understanding of our sector, inspire thousands of people and encourage you to speak out your experiences. Make your voice heard throughout the world, share what you only know with the rest to make the change.

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Our team

We work for the global communications department of one of the leading HVAC control solutions companies in the world, Airzone®. We represent people of all ages, colors, genders, and nationalities and we are proud and excited to carry out this project which we dedicate to HVAC workers all over the world.

Sometimes we work in a hurry to get the interviews done, have the photo sessions taken care of and coordinate communications in multiple geographies. But we always keep our smile and hold dear what is essential: the humans behind a sector that still offers an immense, uncharted territory.